Ophelia "Pris" Crow

Interrogator Psyker.

WS 36, BS 51***, S 30, T 30, Ag 30, Int 45*, Per 42**, WP 62****, Fel 40* (*= upgrade purchased).  
Divination - "Be a boon to your brothers and a bane to your enemies" - Fellowship + 3

Skills -   Command (+20), Dodge, Drive (Ground Vehicle), Common Lore (Psykers), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Interrogation (+10), Medicae, Literacy (+20), Search, Secret Tongue (Private), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (High Gothic), Swim, Silent Move.

Paragon Skills - Forbidden Mastery, Psychic Mastery

Talents - Psy Rating 1, Psy Rating 2, Psy Rating 3, Psy Rating 4, Psy Rating 5, Psy Rating 6, Psychic Power x 3, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Dodge, Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP, Las), Power Well x 2, Two Weapon Weilder (Ballistic), Discipline Focus (Biomancy), Hip Shooting, Ait of Authority, Favored By the Warp, Unnatural Will Power (x2).

Gear - Garb, Trench Coat (Sheild Robes), Flak Vest, Slayer Shotgun, .54 Trenter Handcannon, Micro Bead, Psy Focus (Tarot Deck), 18 Handcannon Rounds, Box of Mixed Shotgun Shells, Recoil Gloves x 2, Digi- Las, Data Slate, Pouches, Lho Sticks.

Memento - Lighter, Crow Pendant

Psychic Powers - 
Biomancy -
Hammer Hand, Regenerate, Seal Wounds, Cellular Control, Bio Lightning, Shape Flesh, Blood Boil, Constrict, Toxic Syphon.
Minor- Call Item, Healer, Inspiring Aura, Resist Possession, Unnatural Aim, Weapon Jinx

Background -
Raised on the unspoilt paradise of Gallant, Ophelia is the bastard daughter of a pleasure world Courtesan. Named for the saint on whose day she is born, her mother hoping for a better lot in life for her daughter. While well paid and treated like many of the courtesans of Gallant Ophelia's mother died young leaving her teenage daughter an orphan. Desperate she took her mother's place in the brothel, making her living on her back.
It was during this time that along with her disgust for the bureaucrats, that frequented the brothel and her bed, strange abilities began to manifest themselves within her. Soon she was using her rudimentary biomancy powers to "service" clients with a touch.
Her abilities did not stay hidden for long however, Inquisitor Vallandius Wroth set up his base of operations on Gallant and a short time after being visited by the inquisitor’s personal pilot, Ophelia found herself dragged before the imposing man.
Little is known of what happened to Ophelia while in the service of Inquistor Wroth, besides she remained in his company increasing her abilities until she was granted the rank of interrogator and sent to Scintilla, with many of her fellows, to establish Wroth’s new base of operations.

Home World - Gallant (Imperial World, Pleasure World)

Age -

Build -

Description -
Green Eyes, Black Hair, Pale Skin, Crow Tattoo (Left Breast)

Player - Tom


  1. :o Breast tattoo, thats a little bit racy.

    Lyra approves of the .54 Tranter and would gladly look after it for you...

  2. Doesn't that gun count as a basic weapon rather than a pistol if the wielder has a strength bonus of less than 4?

  3. It's still a pistol but has to be fired 2 handed, but thats why miss crow has recoil gloves.

  4. I thought recoil gloves just negated the -20 BS penalty for firing a two-handed weapon one handed. I didn't realise they negated the Strength penalty for certain pistol weapons as well.

    None of the handguns I want have the strength stipulation anyway so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

  5. it states in the description I think, failing that I just up my strength i just wanted to keep her girly

  6. @ Citizenwilliams - You have magic GM powers anyway.

    "After years of practice with her chosen weapon....."

    I'm sure she'll be mcguffining her way through many unforeseen events ;-)

  7. lol true but i'd rather do it with rules

    with S less than 4 becaome basic... basic is -20 single handed, recoil gloves remove it

    see it all works

    Just getting on to writng her back ground as i'm half way through my misson and I hate all my Npcs. she may be a tad jaded

  8. So our boss is a hooker.....sorry.....I meant call-girl.....they're only hookers when they're dead ;-)

  9. No she WAS a hooker :P
    I know its a bit cliche but she will be roleplayed in a way that suggests she can use people but actually htes nearly everyone

  10. Using people to fulfil your needs and then disposing of them when your bored seems entirely reasonable to Lucien.

    Of course as he doesn't know her history he might put his foot in it a little if the subject of 'hookers' ever comes up casually in conversation...I can't see his opinion of them being very high, lol. He probably sees them as a disposable form of entertainment.....

  11. well robot boy you may find your balls in a hammer hand vice :P

  12. Very little of him is actually robotic (relatively).

    Some of his brain, his throat, spine and lower back and there's wiring through some of his nervous system to his hands that also channels through his Potentia Coil (which is an internal part of the stuff in his lower back). Oh and there will be a couple of interface ports somewhere (in the hands usually and probably one behind the ear for the cranial circuitry).

    His balls are completely organic which is unfortunate considering the scenario you just mentioned, lol.

  13. I like her character a lot more now we've completed the first mission and the fact that she saved me from poisoning endeared me to her a great deal, lol.

  14. You psychicly defiled me....

    1. You weren't complaining at the time.....

    2. Unless.....Yes, Yes, YES, YYYYEEESSSSSSSS..........

      Counts as complaining ;-)